Beginning May 1, 2013, For Faith & Family programming will be available on the AMB-OS distribution system and FTP download. WE WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE VIA SATELLITE. For FTP login, or specific information about AMB-OS, please call 615-244-2495 and ask to speak with Thomas Willis.

For Faith & Family - Daily

Our daily, 25min program, is designed to engage listeners in a variety of topics. The program is built on "stand alone" segments. These segments are also available for stations to use independent of the full 25min daily program. If your station has interest in airing a single segment, please contact us for clearance.

Daily Show Clock
00:00-25:00 For Faith & Family
25:00-26:00 ERLC/FFF PSA
26:05-28:00 Insight countdown
28:00-28:29 silence
28:30-29:30 Insight

For Faith & Family - Weekend Edition

If you like what you hear on the daily For Faith & Family, you'll want to check out the weekend edition.

Weekend Edition Show Clock
00:00-05:00 Local Affiliate News, Promos, Content
05:00-17:00 12 Minute FFFW Content
17:00-19:00 Break 1
19:00-34:00 15 Minute FFFW Content
34:00-36:00 Break 2
36:00-51:00 15 Minute FFFW Content
51:00-53:00 Break 3
53:00-60:00 7 Minute FFFW Content


For FTP Access or AMB-OS information, please contact:
Thomas Willis
radio @ faithandfamily.com